Why Soldi?

We try to keep things as simple as possible.

We have two fundamental principles:

1) Business as usual – the construction journey we follow with our clients should not affect their normal business duties

2) No surprises – you cannot run a business or project with moving goal posts

Featured Projects

Winchester Growers Phase 1

Soldi were appointed as main contractor by the world leader in the flower and fresh fruit market, Greenyard......

Morrisons Wells

Soldi were appointed main contractor to demolish the former Clares Factory building and clear the site ready for the build of the new Morrisons Superstore......

Lidl Yeovil

Soldi were appointed on the former factory site in West Hendford, Yeovil as the main contractor. Before the main build works could begin, the site had to be cleared of the Japanese knotweed and asbestos ....

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